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US-4946945-A: Immunotherapy agents for treatment of IgE mediated allergies patent, US-5480957-A: Spherical curing agent for epoxy resin, curing agent masterbatch for epoxy resin and their preparation patent, US-5640600-A: Storage controller and bus control method for use therewith patent, US-5821297-A: Laminating adhesive patent, US-5968780-A: Dendritic cell-derived growth factor patent, US-6068910-A: Polyester resin compositions for calendering patent, US-6610673-B1: Solid dose forms containing bismuth patent, US-4337290-A: High impact resistant laminate surface for a bowling lane patent, US-4569124-A: Method for forming thin conducting lines by ion implantation and preferential etching patent, US-4847063-A: Hollow composite body having an axis of symmetry patent, US-5188156-A: Waste oil recycling apparatus patent, US-5260405-A: Lignin modified binding agents patent, US-5459129-A: Condensed heterocyclic compounds, their production and use patent, US-5650295-A: Macrophage migration inhibitory factor-3 patent, US-4845096-A: Benzofuran derivatives and antiulcerogenic agents containing same patent, US-5841171-A: SOI Semiconductor devices patent, US-6242085-B1: Magnetic recording medium and method for producing the same patent, US-6587948-B1: Recording apparatus, recording medium, playback apparatus, recording method and playback method patent, US-4296695-A: Seeding device with air distribution system patent, US-5792426-A: Multi-well titerplate for instrumental analysis patent, US-5985713-A: Method of forming iridium oxide local interconnect patent, US-6485613-B1: Batch-continuous countercurrent mass transfer process patent, US-6622117-B2: EM algorithm for convolutive independent component analysis (CICA) patent, US-4810552-A: Tension chord made of hydraulically setting masses patent, US-6054457-A: Benzamide derivatives and their use as vasopressin antagonists patent, US-4383883-A: Method for fabricating semiconductor device patent, US-4533713-A: Fluoroaliphaticsulfonamides containing oxirane groups and/or N-β-hydroxyalkylene groups patent, US-4853398-A: Leukotriene antagonists and use thereas patent, US-4959366-A: Anti-arrhythmic agents patent, US-6319925-B1: O-benzyl oxime ether derivatives and their use in crop protection compositions patent, US-6344458-B1: Piperazine ethylamide derivatives patent, US-6578583-B2: Apparatus for making and inspecting multi-component wrapped article patent, US-6586430-B1: CCR5 modulators patent, US-4530756-A: Catalysis over activated high silica zeolites patent, US-4921589-A: Polysiloxane bound photosensitizer for producing singlet oxygen patent, US-4997589-A: Azeotrope-like compositions of 1,2-difluoroethane and dichlorotrifluoroethane patent, US-5238965-A: Methods of using lysophosphatidic acids for regulating skin wrinkles patent, US-6108290-A: Method and apparatus for writing and reading optical recording medium patent, US-4365028-A: Coating composition patent, US-4534972-A: Protein compositions substantially free from infectious agents patent, US-5812925-A: Low temperature bonding of materials patent, US-6150241-A: Method for producing a transistor with self-aligned contacts and field insulation patent, US-6448290-B1: Sulfonamide and carboxamide derivatives and drugs containing the same as the active ingredient patent, US-6485649-B1: Method and device for the production of pure water patent, US-5712949-A: Disc reproduction system with sequential reproduction of audio and image data patent, US-6502198-B2: Method and an apparatus for reproducing bitstream having non-sequential system clock data seamlessly therebetween patent, US-6503509-B1: Method for receptor desensitization patent, US-6407158-B1: Water-soluble or water-dispersible polymeric salts patent, US-6652923-B2: Electron-emitting source, electron-emitting module, and method of manufacturing electron-emitting source patent, US-6010845-A: Leukocyte adhesion assay patent, US-6018102-A: Ubiquitin-lytic peptide fusion gene constructs, protein products deriving therefrom, and methods of making and using same patent, US-6180133-B1: Antioxidant composition for topical/transdermal prevention and treatment of wrinkles patent, US-6399620-B1: Cycloalkyl derivatives as inhibitors of bone resporption and vitronectin receptor antagonists patent, US-6528878-B1: Device for sealing and cooling multi-chip modules patent, US-4788083-A: Tin or bismuth complex catalysts and trigger cure of coatings therewith patent, US-6479691-B1: Catalyst for producing unsaturated nitrile patent, US-6174858-B1: Conjugates useful in the treatment of prostate cancer patent, US-5798409-A: Reactive two-part polyurethane compositions and optionally self-healable and scratch-resistant coatings prepared therefrom patent, US-5750247-A: Coated cutting tool having an outer layer of TiC patent, US-6181673-B1: Slider design patent, US-6020223-A: Method of manufacturing a thin film transistor with reduced parasitic capacitance and reduced feed-through voltage patent, US-6576329-B2: Multilayer thermoplastic film patent, US-5043363-A: Active energy ray-curing resin composition patent, US-6545351-B1: Underside heat slug for ball grid array packages patent, US-6127645-A: Tunable, self-powered arc plasma-melter electro conversion system for waste treatment and resource recovery patent, US-5585186-A: Coating composition having anti-reflective, and anti-fogging properties patent, US-5234680-A: Perfluoro-t-butyl-containing compounds for use in fluorine-19 NMR and/or MRI patent, US-6699701-B1: Method and device for sanitation using bacteriophages patent, US-6414783-B2: Method of transferring semiconductors patent, US-6390304-B1: High performance filters comprising inorganic fibers having inorganic fiber whiskers grown thereon patent, US-6034259-A: α-olefins and olefin polymers and processes therefor patent, US-6030806-A: Human chromosome 16 genes, compositions, methods of making and using same patent, US-2004105209-A1: Circuitry configuration for an electromagnetic regeneration valve actuable by pulse-width modulation for venting the tank of a motor vehicle patent, US-6525076-B1: Selective factor Xa inhibitors patent, US-3780955-A: Method and apparatus for spreading a fertilizing material patent, US-3782980-A: Refractory pouring tube patent, US-3787485-A: Process for preparing vinyl acetate patent, US-37935-A: Improvement in operating ordnance patent, US-380101-A: System of electrical distribution patent, US-3829431-A: Process for the preparation of certain indolobenzazepine derivatives patent, US-383177-A: Baking-pan patent, US-38355-A: Improvement in lanterns patent, US-383776-A: Hand-rest for book-keepers patent, US-384958-A: Chaeles a patent, US-385730-A: Field patent, US-385804-A: goedon patent, US-386663-A: Seal for locks patent, US-387146-A: Francis j patent, US-38730-A: Improved feed-water heater for locomotives patent, US-38808-A: Improved journal-box patent, US-388438-A: Circuit-changing device for burglar-alarms patent, US-38964-A: Improved washing-machine patent, US-390149-A: La motte c patent, US-390211-A: Wire-stretcher patent, US-392147-A: Car heater patent, US-392293-A: William e patent, US-392621-A: Hoisting device patent, US-394707-A: Burglar-alarm patent, US-395460-A: Oil-feed for lamps patent, US-395735-A: Slide-valve patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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